LSPD Radio Codes.

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LSPD Radio Codes.

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Communication will be managed with three different primary radio frequencies, one for each district. Additional tactical frequencies are for usage by the specialized divisions of the Los Santos Police Department. While on general patrol, all Officers should have their radio set to the district frequency that they are patrolling in.

Radio Codes

Ten Codes

10-1: Transmitting poorly

10-2: Transmitting clearly

10-3: Stop transmitting

10-4: Acknowledgement

10-5: Relay Message

10-6: Off-duty, available for emergency calls

10-7: Off-duty, not responding to calls

10-8: On-duty, active patrol, responding to calls

10-9: Repeat last transmission

10-10: Off-duty (( Logging Out ))

10-11: Alarm (Specify Type)

10-12: Visitors present

10-13: Advise weather/road conditions

10-15: Male suspect in custody

10-15x: Female suspect in custody

10-16: Cadet needs a patrol officer to ride with

10-17: Busy, stand by

10-18: Verify address

10-19: Returning to station

10-20: Location

10-21: Phone call

10-22: Disregard last message

10-24: Vehicle is reported stolen

10-25: Vehicle is not reported stolen

10-26: Traffic stop (location)

10-26a: Felony traffic stop (location)

10-27: License status check

10-28: Vehicle registration check

10-29: Wants/warrants check

10-36: Current time

10-39: Status/Welfare Check

10-44: Permission to leave

10-50: Vehicle crashed

10-62: Attempting a P.I.T

10-66: Suspicious (person or vehicle)

10-66a: Gang activity

10-76: Enroute to (location)

10-80: Pursuit in progress

10-84: ETA

10-85: Area check

10-87: Meet officer at (location)

10-88: Requesting cover unit (location)

10-97: Arrived on scene

10-98: All units call, clear and resume patrol

10-99: End of situation

Eleven Codes

11-24: Abandoned vehicle

11-29: Clear record (no warrants)

11-41: Ambulance required

11-52: Status check

11-85: Tow truck needed

11-98: Meet at location

11-99a: Officer in extreme danger - local (District Only)

11-99b: Officer in extreme danger - global (all agencies)

Status Codes

Code 0: (( Game Crash/Logged Out ))

Code 1: Routine response code

Code 2: Urgent response code

Code 3: Emergency response code

Code 4: No further assistance required

Code 5: Stakeout

Code 6: Marked units stay clear of the area

Code 7: Meal break (( AFK ))

Code 9: Roadblock

Code 10: Bomb threat

Code 33: Radio silence for an emergency situation

Secondary Codes (Infrequently Used)

11-80: Accident - major injury

11-81: Accident - minor injury

11-82: Accident - property damage only

10-30: Robbery in progress

10-32: Larceny in progress (specify: auto, from person, other)

10-34: Assault in progress (specify)

10-38: Other crime in progress (specify)

10-61: Precinct assignment/unavailable

10-64: Out of service - meal

10-65: Unusual incident

51-50: (( Newbie ))


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